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How Bing Points turned me onto Office 365

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When Microsoft Office 365 (subscription based software) came out, most people (including I) were against it. Why not just purchase the software once and never have to purchase it again for at least a few more years? For me, the decision was easy, buy the standard software (Home & Business) and avoid paying monthly (or yearly). Then something changed. Microsoft Bing gives you points if you search with Bing. For a while, I was collecting points to get xbox rewards for my sons to use. Then one day, I had enough points for 1 year of 1TB of OneDrive storage. I figured, eh, why not. If this was on here the following year, I’ll keep getting 1TB of OneDrive storage for free for years. For those of you who don’t know, OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of “Dropbox”. Just like dropbox, cloud storage, you can get OneDrive storage for free, but it’s only 5gb. You have to pay to get 1TB of storage.  One year, the reward to get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage was removed and I was in a dilemma… Do I purchase OneDrive, or transfer everything to Dropbox and pay them? Or heck, even switch to Google Drive. So I opened up Excel and did a price comparison.  Currently, Google is $20 per month for 1TB of cloud storage ($240/yr) 1 user, Dropbox is $9.99 per month ($119.88 per year) for 2TB of storage 1 user or $16.99/mo ($203.88/yr) for up to 6 users to share 2GB of cloud storage. Here’s where it gets interesting. Microsoft Office 365 Personal (1 user) offers the latest Office suite (always updated) & 1TB of OneDrive storage for $69.95 per year (Canton Computers pricing) or if you broke it down $5.83 per month. Or you can go with Microsoft Office 365 Family which is $99.95 per year ($8.33 per month) for 6 users. Here’s the kicker. All 6 users get their own 1TB of storage. It’s not shared like Dropbox. The way I looked at it, I was getting the cloud storage I wanted (AND NEEDED) for cheaper than the other two services, AND I received MS Office for free. Office 365 was the clear winner here (if 1TB suites your needs). I like...

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Services Offerred

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Did you know, Canton Computers offers various services for all sorts of clients? We offer personal computing services for home users, offer On-Site services including Cloud Technologies to small to medium businesses as well as campus / school Microsoft agreements, network products, cloud services, etc. to schools & enterprise corporations. Moving your office and need your product asset tagged & moved properly without damaging your property? CCI can do that too! Our main goal is to serve our customers with the best possible customer service, as well as sell the products and services that meet and/or exceed customers expectations & needs. We offer new and used desktops (including monitors), laptops, all in one systems, and networking components. Our custom built systems are built with quality parts that offer the best warranties in the industry. Call our sales reps today for more information!...

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Are you aware of how tech scams work?

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Essentially, a scammer will either call you, e-mail you, or have a pop-up on a website to convince you that there’s an issue with your system. They try to gain access by having you give them access to your system, then attempt to either: 1. Steal your information and/or 2. Hold your data hostage by encrypting your data. You end up paying them to release your data in which they may or may not even do.   Understand that Microsoft will NEVER call you to tell you that your system has a virus, or that “Windows expired”. If you have a question regarding a phone call or potential scam, call the experts at 734-838-9700. Canton Computers is here to help guide you in the right...

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Advantages of custom built pc’s over OEM Branded systems (i.e. Dell/HP/Lenovo)

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Customers that have never had a system customer built in the past is usually skeptical. Our job is to make sure they understand the advantages of going with a custom built pc over an OEM such as Dell or HP. The biggest difference that sets us apart from the big OEMs is the warranty. While we all have a 1 year standard warranty, because you are purchasing from a small business, we do not cut short the warranties of each individual components that the BIG OEM’s do. What does this mean? In short, OEMS will get better deals on their system components by only receiving a 1 year warranty from the component manufacturers. For instance, if you purchase a Seagate hard drive from Canton Computers, and try to RMA (warranty) the drive straight through Seagate, you can. You also get the full 3 year, or 5 year warranty the drive comes with. If you take out a similar model out of an OEM system, then attempt to warranty it through Seagate (for instance), you cannot warranty it through them. You will receive a notification that you will have to take it back to the place you purchased it from. Well, Dell only gave you a 1 year warranty on the system…. that means every component purchased in that system has the same 1 year warranty. Custom built systems from Canton Computers retains the manufacturers warranty for EACH individual component. Motherboard? 3 years (most brands). Hard drive? 2-5 years. Memory? Lifetime (most brands). On top of that, you also run the risk of getting proprietary components which force you to purchase a single brand component for replacement IF your component fails after the warranty runs out. These components generally cost more than the non-proprietary components found in custom built pc’s. The final issue I have with OEM branded systems is that the components picked out are picked because the “lowest bidder won”.  Some of the motherboards in old Dell systems were known to have failed components on their boards (I.E. Firewire), they just didn’t list it as it came with the system, therefore saving money on the system to get you a real inexpensive system. With custom built systems, the motherboard is hand picked for your usage of the system. Using it for an office pc? There’s no need to have a gaming motherboard. Or using a gaming system? You certainly do not want a standard motherboard going into the system. You have no choice with OEM’s. You do have a choice with Canton Computers! Call us today for a custom quoted...

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Video Cards – No more shortages???

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With video cards becoming widely available, and scalper prices coming down drastically, is now the time to purchase a new video card, or should you wait for the 4000 series cards?  It’s a question a lot of customers have been asking us lately. While the 4000 series NVidia cards are very exciting, they also draw a lot more power, and will, for most, require a larger power supply. Another potential turn of is the actual release date. NVidia can claim a release date, but in the current supply chain climate, I don’t believe we will see these cards until way after the release date. What about scalpers again? Yes, that’s another potential turn off. Are we going to go through the same thing we saw with the 3000 series cards? More than likely is my guess. While I enjoy my 3000 series card, I have no reason to rush to go to the 4000 series at all. We understand some consumers want the latest and greatest ALWAYS, and that’s fine, however; this time around, it may be best to stick with the 3000 series cards. If you are interested in a new video card, we sell them, we install them, we use...

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Canton Computers has 3080TI’s in stock!

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Get them while we have them. Canton Computers has 3080TI Video Cards in stock currently! We also have 1 left 3050 as well.  No reservations, 1st come, 1st serve!

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Data Transfers & Frustration

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We all feel frustrated when getting a new PC or Laptop. It’s exciting, it’s cool, it’s… frustrating. Transferring data, reinstalling apps, what a nightmare! This is a very frustrating part about getting new tech. We all have suffered through it. Just because you received your laptop or PC today, doesn’t mean it’ll be fully ready like your old system was the same day. Canton Computers specializes in Data Transfers from old systems to new systems. Let us take the worry and frustration off of your hands the next time you upgrade to a new PC or Laptop. We also give discounts for purchasing the system from us with a data transfer. We’ll get you back up and running in no time with no frustration at all. There is no appointment necessary either! 734-838-9700 or walk into our store 6 days a week at 34900 Plymouth Road, Livonia, MI...

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Can higher refresh rates help you rank up?

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Can higher refresh monitors actually help you rank up? And if you have one, how do you know you’re using it properly? Let’s dive in shall we Presented by @AMDGaming #ad ▶️ — theScore esports (@theScoreesports) March 14,...

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Windows on Steam Deck from Tom’s Hardware

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For those interested in Valve’s Steam Deck handheld gaming system with Windows 10 installed. Windows on Steam Deck from Tom’s Hardware...

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‘China’s Silicon Valley’ Locked down, could affect supply chains

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The Chinese government has acted decisively today to try and stem a Covid-19 outbreak in Shenzhen, a city of 17.5 million people that borders Hong Kong. The metropolis has now gone into total lockdown, which means people must work at home if they can; otherwise, all businesses must “suspend production.” Shenzhen is a well-known tech and finance hub, and impacts on the former may send a shock through the IT industry supply chain. Commodities analyst Eric Yeung shared the official notice from the Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention and Control Department. He also commented, “RIP US supply chain.” The message says that essential organizations delivering medical, food, and fuel supplies may continue, but all non-essential businesses and services must close. The lockdown, started today, has a preliminary end date of March 20. However, the lockdown experience suggests the government can shift the date further into the month. The Associated Press has more background on the lockdown and the period leading up to China’s entire Shenzhen lockdown decision. It notes that 60 new cases of Covid were recorded in Shenzhen on Sunday, and this number was sufficient to nudge the government to implement a complete lockdown. China will immediately start a testing program, and the AP reports this means all 17.5 million who live in the metropolis will undergo three rounds of testing. Of course, as well as ceasing business activities, people must stay put to avoid spreading the virus, so bus services and so on are suspended in the region. Just 60 cases might sound quite a small number, but the government must tackle a virus with the potential for exponential spread with the greatest haste and care. For example, neighboring Hong Kong has recently succumbed to a significant wave of infections, with more than 32,000 cases diagnosed on Sunday, as well as 190 deaths. Compare that with the 60 cases in Shenzhen and 1,412 cases reportedly across the whole of China’s mainland. And, let’s be real, 60 officially reported cases likely isn’t the same as 60 actual cases. It isn’t the first lockdown for the region and it doesn’t look like it will be the last pandemic-caused lockdown of a vital tech hub in China, especially as the trigger number of infections seems to be relatively low. We reported on an “emergency mode” lockdown covering Xi’an, China, in December. This area is home to two Samsung NAND fabs and essential semiconductor firms like Powertech Technology (PTI) and Micron Technology. Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to have been much fallout from that lockdown. However, speaking of NAND, the WD/Kioxia Japan manufacturing process  contamination accident appears to have had much more of an impact on supplies and, potentially,...

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