EVGA & Intel changes

EVGA recently announced they are no longer going to make video cards with Nvidia chipsets. It seems like EVGA & Nvidia went hand in hand like Intel and… Pentium, or Celeron… but wait, that’s going to be gone too!

Yes, Intel is going to do away with the Celeron & Pentium names as well. I’m not sure which is more significant. In one hand, EVGA is one of, if not the most recognized video card brand manufacturer. On the other, the words “Celeron” and “Pentium” have been in the Intel family for YEARS. While these are both pretty big changes, EVGA’s changes seem like the bigger change, here’s why.

Intel will still in fact make these cpu’s, the names will just be different. Plus, the majority of the world (probably) doesn’t realize that these CPU’s still exist. We all know the Core i series of cpu’s and most of our customers purchase those cpu’s except for a select few that need the more inexpensive cpu’s as their builds do not require an i3.  EVGA on the other hand, is not going to be associated with Nvidia what-so-ever in the near future. If you are a big fan of their products, this may be a deal breaker going with an EVGA video card in the future due to this separation. I personally have an EVGA Nvidia card in my system right now at home and love every minute of it. I am also a big fan of Nvidia. More than likely, in the future, I’ll have to go with an Asus or MSI Nvidia card as I believe the chipset of the card is the more important choice than the maker (if that makes sense).

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