As a business, we are flooded with e-mails, but one in particular really bugs me!

As a small business, we are flooded with a lot of sales e-mails, calls, etc. Some can be helpful, others aren’t at all. The one e-mail I’ve received from various companies is to get rid of our negative reviews. This TRULY bothers me! NO company is without growing pains, issues, etc. Nobody is perfect. No company is perfect. While we strive to be perfect, we aren’t. Maybe there’s a communication break down between us and a client, or perhaps a system was fixed but broke right after. Or perhaps, the customer didn’t shop here at all and it’s spam. I feel like it’s crucial for ANY business to not only keep negative reviews, but reply to those reviews so any potential consumer can not only see the good & the bad, but they get to see how you handled each situation. Were you professional? Were you right? Were you wrong, and if so, how did you handle it? To me, when I attempt to make a purchase, these are key factors on my decision making going from one product or brand to another. If I see an issue with a product or service, and the request was handled poorly, I will not shop at that location/store/service center/etc. In the Computer industry, especially in the Metro Detroit area (Livonia), it’s key to be transparent with your customers. Trust is hard to come by now a days, and I refuse to wipe away any negative review simply to seem like we are perfect. While we strive for perfection, we are not perfect, and neither is any other...

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New Year – Old Habits

Each year that goes by, we tend to stick with the same ol’ habits. We are creatures of habit, so it makes sense. When it comes to taking care of your computer or laptop though; you should make sure you are cleaning out the fans / system. Today, we had a laptop checked in for service that has the fans still spinning, however; there was so much dust caked onto the fan blades, it could not push any airflow. A quick dust out every month or quarter (depending on usage and environment) can save you time & money. My father had a saying: “If you take care of it, it will take care of you.” It was true then, and is still true...

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Computer services for your small business

Canton computers has provided services for small businesses for over 30 years. Whether it’s a bad power supply swap at our Livonia location, or rewiring your network at your facility, we do it all. Need desktops, laptops, printers, accessories? We have what you are looking for, with the right staff to steer you in the right direction. Our staff is trained to ensure our customers are setup with the correct products & services to fit your needs.   We understand not ever small business has an I.T. person on hand. It’s probably someone that knows a “little bit” about computers and can get you by.  But what happens if that person leaves for another job? Call Canton Computers as your complete solution provider.   We can schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually system check-up’s on your systems at a discounted rate.  Pre-purchase blocks of on-site hours. Provide our customers with Microsoft Office 365 for business, Teams, Azure, new or refurbished servers, etc. Need something asap that we have in stock? Why send out an employee? Canton Computers will deliver your product to you same day/next day (depending on stock availability). Call us / email us today! 734-838-9700 or...

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Winter storms & power supplies… Yikes! Battery Back-up’s to the rescue!

Living in Michigan for just about all of my life, as well as working in this industry since 1999, I am accustom to Winter storms, thunderstorms knocking out power. It happens. What also happens is your sensitive electrical equipment can be damaged. It’s not something to take lightly as a power surge can not only knock out your power supply, but once you turn that system back on, other items could be fried as well such as the motherboard, hard drive, etc. The best way to protect your components is with a battery back up unit/UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). Having a battery back up unit can be beneficial in more ways than one. First off, if you have the correct sided battery back up unit, not only can it save your hardware from shorting out, but it can also give you ample time to turn off your system properly. A lot of UPS’s now a days also come with software to be able to do this automatically (shut down the computer properly).  UPS’s isn’t only for computers, tv’s, cable modems, etc.  My neighbor actually uses his battery back up to run his cable modem / router combo and it’s brilliant! He has wifi in his house so his whole families devices will still go on the internet (provided they have battery power still). The benefit of having the Battery back up is more than just protecting your devices. Changing out a power supply can take a few hours depending on your skill level & type of system you have. They can also be expensive. The cost of a battery back up unit can run about the same price as a power supply, so why not have some peace of mind, and save some frustration in the future? This isn’t just for home use. Imagine your small business having a power outage. The power comes back on and now 4 systems are down. The cost of Labor, Parts, and downtime will surely exceed the cost of a few UPS’s. Canton Computers has different sized battery back-up units to suite your needs. We also can special order you a larger one for your home or business. Call or e-mail Canton Computers today to protect your home and/or business now. 734-838-9700 or e-mail us at

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Windows 11 Drive update – Issues – Not really an issue

Windows Updates have been known to cause issues. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Windows 7, 8, 10, 11… We’ve all dealt with Microsoft sending out an update and having the system stop working after.   Lately, there’s been a new update that’s been causing an updated driver failure, which has a lot of us freaking out. The good news is that Microsoft stated “it shouldn’t impact your general use”. Though, you receive the error; apparently these drivers have already been installed. Not to worry… Until the next Windows Update issue....

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The Canton location is now closed. Feel free to visit us at 34900 Plymouth Road, Livonia, MI 48150.


The Canton location is now closed.

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