Advantages of custom built pc’s over OEM Branded systems (i.e. Dell/HP/Lenovo)

Customers that have never had a system customer built in the past is usually skeptical. Our job is to make sure they understand the advantages of going with a custom built pc over an OEM such as Dell or HP. The biggest difference that sets us apart from the big OEMs is the warranty. While we all have a 1 year standard warranty, because you are purchasing from a small business, we do not cut short the warranties of each individual components that the BIG OEM’s do.

What does this mean? In short, OEMS will get better deals on their system components by only receiving a 1 year warranty from the component manufacturers. For instance, if you purchase a Seagate hard drive from Canton Computers, and try to RMA (warranty) the drive straight through Seagate, you can. You also get the full 3 year, or 5 year warranty the drive comes with. If you take out a similar model out of an OEM system, then attempt to warranty it through Seagate (for instance), you cannot warranty it through them. You will receive a notification that you will have to take it back to the place you purchased it from. Well, Dell only gave you a 1 year warranty on the system…. that means every component purchased in that system has the same 1 year warranty.

Custom built systems from Canton Computers retains the manufacturers warranty for EACH individual component. Motherboard? 3 years (most brands). Hard drive? 2-5 years. Memory? Lifetime (most brands).

On top of that, you also run the risk of getting proprietary components which force you to purchase a single brand component for replacement IF your component fails after the warranty runs out. These components generally cost more than the non-proprietary components found in custom built pc’s.

The final issue I have with OEM branded systems is that the components picked out are picked because the “lowest bidder won”.  Some of the motherboards in old Dell systems were known to have failed components on their boards (I.E. Firewire), they just didn’t list it as it came with the system, therefore saving money on the system to get you a real inexpensive system. With custom built systems, the motherboard is hand picked for your usage of the system. Using it for an office pc? There’s no need to have a gaming motherboard. Or using a gaming system? You certainly do not want a standard motherboard going into the system. You have no choice with OEM’s. You do have a choice with Canton Computers! Call us today for a custom quoted PC!

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