Best Windows 10 To-Do list apps….

Microsoft To-Do –

A simple app for keeping the to-do task list. The app was designed relatively after Microsoft took over Wunderlist and hence, it imbibes most of the features from Wunderlist.

Microsoft OneNote –

A popular program for gathering and saving information in order to make notes and also share it with family,  friends, and colleagues. Basically, it is a digital form of a material notebook. Although it is not exactly a to-do list app, it is a free version app that comes with Windows 10

Cortana –

Microsoft’s virtual assistant and is one of the best to-do list app. This app is the best way to create the list, add items and prioritize the important task. The tasks can be added to the list either by voice or by simply typing. It works on all the platforms like Android, iOS and comes built-in with Windows 10.

Wunderlist –

A free to-do list app that helps a user to plan anything from small tasks to big tasks. This to-do list app is super handy to use which assist in organizing your to-do list; be it a personal household list or work-related list.

Trello –

an application that helps the user work productively and even more collaboratively. While it’s not exactly a to-do list app, users can create a card, boards, and lists that help to organize the work.

Todoist –

a free app packed with many features. It helps you to organize to-do tasklist, create notes, attach files and also collaborate effectively with others by sharing the lists.

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