What To Do If You Ever Find a Stray USB Drive….

If you ever find a stray USB drive or if somebody hands you one without good reason be careful. You should really just ignore it. Whatever you do, DO NOT put it into your computer just to see what might be on it. It might be infected with a virus or malware that once inserted into your USB port it will infect your computer and try to steal data like your password, contacts, or even banking information.


A new study says that almost 50% of all people who encounter a random USB drive will plug it into their computer and start looking at the files on it. Nearly 70 percent of these people won’t take any precautions before plugging in and looking at it.

So what should you do when you do find a USB drive? Simple: don’t pick it up. Leave it be or pick it up and just throw it away. Whatever you do, NEVER plug it into your computer. If you do you are taking a chance that the drive is infected with a virus or malware.

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