Do you use a password manager? What is a password manager?

A password manager is an application that helps you store and organize all your passwords in one central location. Password managers store your passwords in a strongly encrypted database requiring the user to create a master password that is very strong password and once entered grants the user access to their entire password database.

There are 2 types of password managers. A cloud based or a local copy. A cloud based password manager allows your passwords to be stored in an encrypted database online that you have access to across all your connected devices phone, tablet, computer, etc… A local password manager stores the encrypted database on the device and is only able to be accessed by that device. If you are paranoid of the cloud this solution is the best for you.




Here are the top 3 password managers right now.

Cloud Based:



Local Based:


The 3 top benefits of using a password manager are:

1) They save you from having to remember your passwords for every site and account. You only have to remember your master password and that is much easier.

2) Since you don’t have to remember multiple passwords, it’s easy to have strong, unique passwords for every single one of your accounts since the password manager can generate all your passwords for you, taking strength into account.

3) The password manager will fill in your user-names and password automatically at each account and website and that will mean you you will be wasting less time typing them. If you are a heavy internet user that adds up to a big time savings. With today’s social media and cloud based software and online services it’s possible to have hundreds of logins. That being said a password manager is absolutely necessary for the time savings alone.

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