A Guide on how to control Windows 10 settings….

You may recall the introduction of the restyled control panel in Windows XP. This offered two views, although most power users quickly switched from the “category” view back to the “classic” option (first seen in Windows 95). Eventually, this was replaced by the control panel interface made popular in Windows 7, and still present in Windows 8.x.

Windows 10 pairs the intuitive new Settings app alongside the Windows 7 control panel, just like Windows 8 did; this time around, however, the requirement to access the desktop app control panel has been greatly reduced, with many more options transferred into the new Settings app.

Windows 10 Settings Button


For the full article on PC Worl by Author Christian Cawley follow link : http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/control-windows-10-settings-guide/

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