Microsoft Will Now Let You Disable Automatic Updates For Apps In Windows 10….

If you want to in Windows 10 you can now say goodbye to mandatory app updates.

People have been complaining about Microsoft’s forced update policy in Windows 10. Now Microsoft is hoping to put out some of those flames by starting to allow users the ability to disable automatic app updates through the Windows Store. this is just for the installed Apps from the store and the ones that come on Windows 10 by default like News, Music, Reader, etc…

Microsoft has not made an official announcement of this new capability. After you install the Windows 10 Cumulative Update 5 and your PC reboots the option to disable app updates is no longer grayed out.

To get to this option you need to go to the Windows Store and click on your profile image then select Settings. If your PC is up to the latest version of Windows 10 with all the updates you should now be able to select the “Update apps automatically” from On or Off.


This option has nothing to do with Microsoft’s mandatory Windows OS updates. Windows 10 Home users will still forced to install security updates automatically and can result in some users being stuck in an endless reboot loop. This policy which can and has had negative results will still be the normal until we as consumers voice our concerns and get Microsoft to change the option to opt out for automatic updates across the Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 Pro users have the option to delay security updates for up to eight months. This option gives users enough time to decide if the update is right for them and their system. I hope that Microsoft makes this option available to Windows 10 Home users as well in the future.

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