Canton Computer Repair

We repair all major brands of PC's at CCI or DCI. We offer in-store and on-site repair solutions for most major brands of equipment. For homes and businesses our certified technicians will fix it, regardless of where you purchased it.

At all three Canton Computer locations, our technicians are able to remove any infections and install any component you may need. Computer running slow? No Problem! Bring it down and we can discuss options for upgrades.

Make your check-in faster or try out our drive-thru window at our Livonia location with our drop off form!



Need more USB ports or another hard drive? Our certified technicians can install them no problem!

Single component installations are $30.

Laptop Repair

We have 20+ years of experience in repairing laptops, so bring your laptop in! We repair most major brands of laptops.

From wireless not working to the laptop not turning on, Our certified laptop technicians will fix it regardless of where you purchased it.

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Data Backup

Everyone has precious data that they need to hold on to, whether it be a single song or an entire album of wedding photos. We backup data to CDs, DVDs, Flash or External Drives. 

Pricing varys depending on the amount of data there is to transfer:

 Price Data Size
 $30 Under 15gb of Data
 $69 Over 15gb of Data